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Easy Play To Earn Crypto Game! – ARC8 Review (Play To Earn Games 2022 GMEE / REVV Tokens)



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This is my ARC8 Review for the Android! If you ever wanted an easy play to earn crypto game then look no further than ARC8! It has now officially entered season 2 and has over a million GMEE Tokens for rewards but not only that it also introduces the new REVV Token! Add this to your Play To Earn Games 2022 list for sure.

Remember everyone these are cryptocurrency games so they do carry a risk especially in todays environment but all I can do is show you my experience on this project. Personally I think it has great potential if the market ever recovers which I am hoping it does. If you are going to spend real money on this project I really hope you do your research though as I try my hardest not to spend real money because the point of these platforms are for free ways to play games and earn money.

DOWNLOAD ARC8: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamee.arc8.android.app

0:00 – Intro To ARC8 Review
0:08 – How It Works + Tokens
1:34 – GBOT Talk
2:00 – ARC8 Referral Code
2:14 – Play For Free
2:33 – Staking Events + Final Thoughts

Creator: Cash Crusader

Key: earn crypto game

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